25 Facts About Me

1. I collect Disney DVD’s.

2. I was born on New Years Eve, which means alot of people actually forget my birthday.

3. I have a 1 and a half year old kitten.

4. I am a very fussy eater and only stick to what I know and love.

5. I love to spend time outdoors walking or biking.

6. I am obsessed with Lush bath bombs – I have a big basket full of them.

7. The sun instantly makes me happy and the rain instantly gets me down.

8. My favourite colour is orange.

9. Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Disney movie of all time.


10. I have known my best friend for 14 years.

11. I am quite shy when I first meet people, but once im comfortable you’ll think I’m a complete weirdo. But that’s good, right?

12. The only hot drink that I like is hot chocolate.

13. The most North of New Zealand I have been is Auckland and the most South I have been is Nelson.

14. I absolutely love The Vampire Diaries.

15. My favourite quote is “do more of what makes you happy.”

16. My favourite TV show of all time is Friends.


17. When I’m cold or tired I get really grumpy.

18. I am always switching my hair between dark brown and ombre – I just can’t decide!

19. I love to bake (especially pretty cupcakes).

20. My favourite place to be is by the sea, it’s so comforting.

21. Summer is my favourite season.

22. Christmas is my absolute favourite holiday – I love everything about it.

23. My favourite pizza topping is Hawaiian.

24. I love buying cute notebooks – I end up with way too many!


25. My favourite ice cream flavour would have to be chocolate.

I hope you enjoyed this slightly more personal blog post! I would love to hear 25 facts about you too, so feel free to leave your links in the comments section 🙂


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