DIY Peter Pan Shirt

As you all know, I absolutely love Disney movies and Peter Pan has always been a personal favourite of mine, so of course I was super excited to make a Peter Pan themed shirt. Although the design I have chosen is quite simple, I really love how it turned out and I can just imagine styling it with black jeans and a plaid shirt for Winter. Let’s get started!

You will need:

  • A Laptop or Desktop Computer.
  • A Printer.
  • An Iron and Ironing Board.
  • Iron-On Transfer Paper.
  • Scissors.
  • A T-Shirt or Singlet.


Step One: Choose the design you would like on your shirt and flip the image on the computer, so that the text reads backwards.

Step Two: Print the image onto the iron-on transfer paper.

Step Three: Let your iron heat up while you continue with the next step.

Step Four: Cut around each word and image and place them on the shirt to ensure they fit.


Step Five: Flip each word over ready for ironing.


Step Six: Iron each section of the shirt until the words peel off easily (make sure to peel off while it is still hot).

As you can see, I peeled mine off a bit too early and some of the ink hasn’t soaked into the shirt but I actually really like the sponged on look, as it helps to keep it slightly more unique.


I really hoped you enjoyed this DIY as much as I did and I would love to see how yours turned out!


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