Leather and Capes

I’ve been looking through Pinterest quite alot recently, searching for Autumn and Winter outfit inspiration and one thing that was a common occurance in most pictures was leather or faux leather pants. I orginally wanted a pair of black disco pants for Winter as I had read so many reviews about how warm and comfy they were, however, after seeing the retail price of these I immediately began my search for a cheaper alternative. I spent so many shopping trips trying on leggings that were similar to disco pants but none of them felt quite right. I was just about to give up my search when I wandered into Dotti one day and saw these leather look jeans hanging on the rack and let me tell you, it was love at first sight.


So I grabbed a pair and dragged my sister to the changing room to give me an honest opinion on how they looked. As soon as I had put them on, I knew they were the ones. They’re designed to be quite a tight fit to flatter your natural curves and I like that the fabric is quite a light denim so they are still breathable whilst being more sturdy than a pair of leggings. I also love that they have cropped cuffs as I have short legs and it is so difficult to find a pair of jeans that don’t require me to roll up about half the leg haha. I would definitely recommend these jeans, as aside from being so comfy, they can be worn casually and are also perfect for a night out. I loved them so much that I actually went out and purchased a second pair just in case they sold out.


Another item of clothing that seems to be quite popular this season are capes. I have seen so many images of both celebrities and everyday people wearing capes in all different styles and colours. I think I spent about 2 months tossing around the idea of actually buying one as I wasn’t really sure how it would look on me, and as it was still Summer in New Zealand when I ordered this one, there were none available to try on in any shops. I ordered this one around the start of February when I was scrolling through the hundreds of gorgeous clothes on Boohoo. I had been admiring all the different capes on their website for about 10 minutes before this one popped up and I just knew that this was the perfect one. When it arrived 2 weeks later I was still a little anxious about how it would look, but as soon as it was on, I realised I had worried about it for nothing. I love the design of this cape, it has padded shoulders to keep the slightly widened shape while you’re wearing it and the lowest point of the back comes down to about the middle of my calves. I really like that it has been designed to have a vest on the inside so when you have it on, it almost looks double layered. My favourite thing about this cape though, is the light camel colour. I feel as if this colour will go with anything in my wardrobe and I am so excited to wear it during Winter.


The third item that I purchased to add to my Winter collection was this burgundy beanie with a faux fur pom pom. I absolutely love beanies and my collection has grown quite large over the past few years. I would have to say that this is definitely the one I am drawn to every time I feel like wearing one though. I had been on a search for this exact one for about 1 month or so, after I noticed it in one of Zoella’s blog posts, and was obsessed with it. I was actually quite shocked when I found it sitting on a rack in Mirrou some time in March, as I wasn’t really expecting it to be available in any of my local shops. As soon as I saw it, I picked it up and went to the checkout to purchase it, and have worn it so many times since that day.


The last two items that I have added to my collection were things that I impulsively bought as they were on sale when I was in the store. The first item is this white t-shirt with a black checked design. I got this shirt from Dotti, the same day that I purchased the first pair of leather look jeans. I actually saw it when I was on my way out of the shop and although I loved it and thought it would go perfectly with the pants I’d just bought, I felt a bit awkward about going straight back in to buy another item, so I gave the money to my sister and asked her if she would mind going back into the store to get it for me haha.


The last item that I purchased were these red boots. I absolutely love these boots, although I don’t wear them as much as I used to due to the purchase of my Chelsea boots, I still enjoy wearing them and think they are such a great colour for brightening up the dull Winter months. Though these weren’t bought recently I really wanted to share them with you because I thought they went great with the rest of this outfit. I bought these boots last May during one of the closing down sales of a Number One Shoes branch. I had wanted a pair in this colour for about a year before I found these, so needless to say I was ecstatic when I saw them. The only thing that made me a little hesitant to buy them was the fact that they only had the size smaller and larger than what I needed. However, I ended up going with the size smaller as they were only $10 and I would have regretted not getting them. Over time I must have grown accustomed to them, as they fit me perfectly now. Another thing I love about these boots is the fact that they have shiny gold heels and shiny gold zips on the outer part of the shoe, I think this is an amazing touch and I have received so many compliments because of it.







BootsNumber One Shoes

Where do you get your outfit inspiration from? What are your Autumn/Winter staples? 🙂


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