Top 5 Fragrances

One thing I like to do when I go shopping is to head into the fragrance section and test out a few that I really like the look of. I tend to be drawn to the brightly coloured bottles and deliciously Summery scents, which is why I have so many in my collection, but occasionally I will find one more on the spicy, Wintery side that I feel needs to be a new addition. In the list below you will find more Summery scents instead of Wintery ones, but I have gathered a list of my top 5 fragrances to share with you today. Lets get started!

Givenchy – Live Irresistable

One of my absolute favourite fragrances in my collection is Live Irresistable by Givenchy. I usually only wear it in Summer as it is quite a tropical scent, but there have been times on warmer Winter days that this has felt appropriate for wearing. Its’ scent is an incredible mix of fruits, flowers and spices. It contains the delicious scents of pineapple, rose, amber and vanilla, along with a few other ingredients to really bring the Summer months alive. I really love the packaging of this fragrance, the triangle shaped bottle with textured glass gives it a sense of class and the pink colouring of the fragrance itself is amazing. Another thing I really like about this scent is that is faced by Amanda Seyfried, who is one of  my favourite actresses.


Elizabeth Arden – Green Tea and Nectarine Blossom

My number one fragrance at the moment would definitely have to be Green Tea and Nectarine Blossom by Elizabeth Arden. Although this one is also a Summer scent, there has been one or two times where I have been drawn to wear it during the Winter months. This is an extremely sweet fragrance and I find that it really captures the feeling of the warm air and delicious fruit in Summer. Its’ scent is a delicious Summer fruit smell with subtle notes of green tea. It contains the incredible scents of peach, nectarine, green tea and other exotic fruits with quite a musky base. The bottle of this fragrance really speaks for itself, it is a really beautiful peachy orange colour and it covered in gorgeous pictures of blossoms and leaves. It has a very Summery vibe to it.


Dolce & Gabbana – Floral Drops

My first designer fragrance that I added to my collection was Floral Drops by Dolce and Gabbana. I was immeditely drawn to this one because of its amazing floral scent and thought it would be perfect for wearing over the warm Summer months. I found that this fragrance wasn’t particularly sweet but had quite a fresh scent, almost like stepping foot into a field of bright flowers and fresh air. It contains the gorgeous scents of daffodils, water lilies and an array of other white flowers on a base of musk and sandalwood. It is perfect if you want a scent for Summer but aren’t a huge fan of extremely sweet scents. Another thing that drew my attention to this fragrance was the bottle, I really like the flower shaped lid and the addition of a black bow added a sense of formality to the bottle. I also really liked the mint green colour of the fragrance itself.


One Direction – Our Moment

One of the very first fragrances I received was Our Moment by One Direction. I really enjoy the sweetness of this scent, and feel that it is perfect for Spring/Summer time. It is a quite a fruity and floral scent that perfectly captures the feeling of the warmer months. It contains the delicious scents of pink grapefruit, forest berry and jasmine along with a few other fruity and floral scents on a musky base. The bottle of this fragrance is quite pretty in a diamond shape with a gem and tulle crown for the lid. I really like the shade of pink that has been used to colour the fragrance itself.


Burberry London

This is quite a recent addition to my collection. I came across it online while I searching for the male version as a Christmas present and knew that I had to get the female version for myself. Although this is definitely a spicy scent for the Winter months it is also quite a Christmassy scent and as Christmas is during the Summertime in New Zealand, I find myself torn as to when to wear it. Its’ scent is quite warm and cinnamon filled, so it is perfect for the colder months. It contains the delicious scents of rose, honeysuckle and jasmine on a musky, sandalwood base. I also really love the packaging of this fragrance as I find the plaid fabric is quite Christmassy and Wintery and I find the plain, rectangle bottle is quite classy and sophisticated.


What are your favourite fragrances? Do you prefer sweet or spicy scents? 🙂



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