DIY Floral Skirt

Happy Spring Everyone!

As you all know, this half of the year is by far my favourite. During Spring, the flowers bloom, the clocks get put forward meaning longer days and the sun begins to shine alot more preparing for the warm Summer months. This means it also my favourite time to go shopping for some pieces of brightly coloured fabric and create a bunch of new shorts, skirts and dresses. I found this amazing floral fabric at Pete’s Emporium yesterday for $15 and couldn’t wait to get home and make a great skirt out of it.

I decided to use a half circle skirt pattern for this fabric as I really like how these skirts look while you are wearing them. I have made a few circle skirts over the past few years, and love them but I have found that they tend to be blown up by even the slightest breeze. I was so excited to make a half circle skirt because I still love how flowy they are and find they tend to stay down alot more on windy days. This was my first attempt at a half circle skirt so it helped to watch a few videos on YouTube so I wouldn’t make any mistakes. You can find the video that I used here.

I really liked how easy the instructions were to follow in this video. I usually don’t use a pattern when I am sewing and tend to just wing out and the items turn out fine but I found this pattern was quite easy to make and use, I will definitely be using it again. The first thing I had to do was measure the circumference of my waist in inches and divide it by 3.14. This gave me 8.5 inches. I drew this measurement onto a large piece of wrapping paper by measuring 8.5 inches from the corner of the paper and made several dots which I then joined up. The next step is to determine the length you want your skirt + the waist measurement. I wanted mine to be about 16.5 inches long so I measured 25 inches from the corner of the paper and joined up all the dots.

I then laid my pattern onto my fabric and cut out two pieces. To make this easier you can fold your fabric in half and cut it out as one piece, however my fabric wasn’t big enough to do it this way. I also cut one of my pieces in half so that I would be able to add a zip onto the back. I then hemmed and sewed all of the pieces together, added a zip and then decided to add a 1.5 inch waist band to finish it off.

I am really happy with how this skirt turned out and cannot wait to wear it when the warmer days start. I am already planning to go and buy some more fabric to make another few skirts in the near future 🙂


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