Sparkler Fun

Hello Everyone!

I hope you had an amazing weekend watching all the fireworks light up the sky. One of my favourite parts about Guy Fawkes Night is being able to use sparklers. I love how magical they look and how bright they are, they feel so festive and always remind of how much fun I had using them when I was younger.

One of my goals this year was to get at least one perfect photograph of a sparkler drawing. I downloaded an app called Camera FV-5 and after a few practice runs I finally figured out how to change the shutter speed to try and capture a great photo..however, when I took the photograph the result was nothing like I’d expected. I gave up after a few fails and used the regular camera on my phone which captured a few photos that I really like 🙂

My boyfriend and I decided that we didn’t really want any other fireworks as sparklers are both of our favourite. We stocked up on marshmallows and matches, lit up the fire pit and let the fun begin! I hope you enjoy the pictures from the night and I would love to see yours as well 🙂


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