Christmas Decor

Hello Everyone!

We are officially in the countdown to Christmas! I hope you’re all having an amazing time decorating your houses, singing Christmas songs and getting into the festive spirit 🙂 I usually put my tree up on December 1st but as that falls on a Thursday this year, I decided to put it up during the last week of November. After a bit of searching, I managed to gather up all of my brightly coloured decorations and lights and even a Christmas train to go under the tree. After deciding where we were going to put the tree, I set up my Christmas playlist and got to work.

Putting up the Christmas tree is one of my favourite things about this time of year. It marks the official countdown and everything suddenly feels so much more festive. It was always the one time of year when my sister and I would finally get along when we were younger. We would spend the day singing and dancing, decorating the house to our hearts content. I still get the same joy decorating the house now, but its a bit more difficult when you have a cat that tries to climb the tree every 5 seconds haha!

After the tree is finished, I like to spend the rest of the day focussing on the rest of the room. This includes changing the bed sheets to more festive ones, adding tinsel and lights around windows and mirrors and placing all the presents under the tree. It wasn’t until this weekend that I realised how much red I had used in my decor this year. I was actually quite happy when I realised because I think that it feels quite classic and makes everything feel that much more festive 🙂 I have included a few photos of the finished bedroom below, I hope you enjoy it and I would love to see how you have decorated this year!

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