Resolutions and Birthday Fun

Hello Everyone!

Happy New Year! As this is my first post of the year, I thought it only right to write about my New Years Resolutions. I dont usually set resolutions for myself because I’m not very good at sticking with them and end up giving up after the first week. However, this year I really want to try and achieve them (for at least 1 month anyway, haha).

My main resolution for this year is to become alot healthier. Looking back over past year and a half, I realised just how unhealthy I have become, I don’t even remember the last time I went a full week without having a single unhealthy thing to eat or drink. I’ve also noticed how tired I am all the time and how dehydrated I feel most days. When I noticed that I had no energy even after I’d just had a good sleep, that’s when I knew something had to change. To start being healthier, I plan on going for walks more regularly, drinking more water and slowly changing my eating habits. I will keep you updated on how I get on 🙂

My second resolution is to become more organised and motivated. I used to see myself as a very organised person, and in some ways I still do. I always have lists of things that I need to do and when I should have them completed by, but I am not organised enough to actually complete them by the set date and this is mostly due to my lack of motivation to actually get them done. Personally, I think this is also linked to the fact that I have very little energy during the day, so I think working on my first resolution will really help with this one too. To try and make myself a bit more organised I am going to get back into bullet journalling and setting aside specific times everyday to focus on the things I need to get done, I am hoping this will help me to get everything finished on time.

My third and final resolution for 2017 is to set aside some more time during the day to do something crafty. I always find that I feel so much happier when I have done something crafty during the day, whether this is writing a blog post, taking photographs, reading, knitting or drawing. I have always been a crafty person and I miss setting aside time to create art. The first thing I plan on making for 2017 is a dress for the summer so stay posted for a future blog post on it 🙂

As some of you may know, I celebrated my 20th birthday on New Years Eve. I didn’t really have anything planned for it, but my boyfriend and I went out to do some shopping for my mum (as it’s her birthday this week), followed by a nice lunch at a garden centre. When we got back to my house around 5pm, I was surprised by 3 of my closest friends, a plan set up by my sister. We had pizza and cake for dinner and a lot of talking. I think minimal birthdays are my favourite 🙂

What are your New Years Resolutions? What did you do to celebrate the New Year? 🙂


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