Autumn Wardrobe Staples

Hello Everyone!

With Autumn in full swing here in New Zealand, I thought it was the perfect time to share a few of my Autumn wardrobe staples with you. Although Summer is by far my favourite season, I absolutely love shopping and creating clothes for Autumn and Winter. I love picking out new jeans, jackets and jumpers (especially fluffy ones). Most of my staples for this Autumn are actually really good condition secondhand items and I really like that I’ve managed to get some nice items that were only a fraction of the price of brand new items. Let’s get started!

Leopard Print Boots

I got the inspiration for these boots after they appeared in my Pinterest feed near the middle of January and Zoella posted a picture on Instagram of her heeled leopard boots. I instantly fell in love with the trend and searched so many shoe websites to find a pair. Unforunately every pair I found was priced around the $150 mark and there was no way I could rationalise spending that much on a pair of shoes. So I took to Trade Me to see if anything more affordable would come up and that was when I stumbled across this pair for only $15 that the previous owner had only worn once. I have worn these boots almost every day since I bought them and I absolutely love them.

Black Leather Jacket

I got my first leather jacket about 6 years ago second hand from my best friend. I loved it to pieces and wore it so many times, however it was more of a hooded bomber jacket style and in the last few years the biker jacket style has been more on trend. Early last year I made an attempt to turn my leather jacket into a biker style and everythng was going well until I got to turning the hood into a collar..I tried so many ways to get it work but eventually gave up after all of my attempts failed and took to the internet to find a replacement. As faux leather jackets tend to cost around $80 brand new, I took to Trade Me to see if I could find a cheaper alternative. I found this jacket for $20 that had never been worn by its previous owner and have worn this almost every day since. I’ve found that it makes a great outfit paired with the leopard boots, a pair of black jeans and a black or grey hoodie.

Winter Dress

This is actually an item that I bought last Autumn from Glassons for about $25, however I am stil loving it this year and decided to include in this list as I plan on searching for a few more this year. As much as I love dresses, I don’t really wear them that often in Summer as it gets quite windy here and I constantly have to hold them down. But I find Autumn is a great time for me wear dresses as I can throw on a pair of thick tights underneath and as this dress is quite slim at the bottom, I dont have to worry about it being blown up by the wind. I really love that this dress is made out of a thick jersey knit fabric and has long sleeves, as it keeps me quite warm without having to wear alot of layers. I like to pair it with my leather jacket, some tights and my black leather Chelsea boots.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I would love to know what your Autumn wardrobe staples are šŸ™‚


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