Skin Care Favourites

Hello Everyone!

I hope you’ve had a fantastic week so far, not too long until the weekend! I wasn’t quite sure what to post about this week, as I had so many different ideas and couldn’t decide which one I actually wanted to write about. So, as you can see from the title of this post, I have decided to share my current favourite skin care products with you 🙂

Up until early last year I didn’t really have a proper skin care routine, I would just use whatever face wash that was in the shower at the time and occasionally use a moisturiser when I could be bothered. Although there are still a few nights where I’m too tired to properly use all of my skin care products, I have gotten alot better at taking care of my skin. As I have skin that often gets very dry, I have to be careful about what products I use on my face. Over the past year and a half it has been alot of trial and error finding items that won’t dry out my skin and I think, for the most part, I have found the perfect products for me.

My skincare routine is as follows:

  • Eye Makeup Remover: Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover
  • Face Wash: By Nature Purifying Facial Cleanser
  • Toner: Nivea Refreshing Toner
  • Serum: By Nature Moisture Replenishing Face Serum
  • Moisturiser: Nivea Refreshingly Soft Moisturising Cream
  • Eye Cream: Essano Rosehip Eye Cream

    I find that by keeping my routine to about 5 or 6 items helps me actually commit to using each product every night, rather than a long, in-depth routine that I would get bored of very quickly. I really like all of these products as they feel extremely moisturising on my skin and help to keep any dryness at bay. As I don’t wear any makeup on my face due to the fact that I find it incredibly drying, I don’t really feel the need to use a regular cleanser. I did try out some micellar water last year and I really didn’t like how much it dried out my skin, so I’ve steered clear of it ever since.

    It wasn’t until I wrote this blog post that I realised just how many By Nature and Nivea products that I actually use haha. These two brands are by far my favourite of the cheaper skincare brands, which makes sense as to why I have quite a few. I can definitly see myself sticking to these products for the foreseeable future but I would love to know if you have any recommendations 🙂

    Have you tried out any of these products? What are your skincare favourites? 🙂


    Top 10 DVDs – Part Two

    A few weeks ago, I uploaded a post about five of my top 10 dvds, so this week I thought it was time to share part two.  This list is in no particular order, as I found it quite difficult to pick a number one favourite. I had alot of fun putting together this list and really hope you have as much fun reading it 🙂 Let’s get started!

     Grown Ups + Grown Ups 2

    In my collection, I own both movies from this series but the first one is definitely my favourite. This movie follows the story of a group of 5 boys who were once a basketball team, and are now grown up with their own families. They are reunited when their childhood coach passes away. Lenny is rich, Eric is unemployed, Kurt is a house husband, Rob is a hippie and Marcus is a party boy. Although they have all grown apart, and their extended families don’t really get along, I love this movie because you see how different groups of people can come together and enjoy a weekend by the lake. The joint comedy of Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade and Rob Schneider make this movie a great hour and a half of laughs.

    The second movie is also quite enjoyable and full of laughs but I found that it was trying a bit too hard to match the heights of the first film. During this second movie you follow the story of Lenny, Eric, Kurt, Rob and Marcus set a few years after the original. All five families now live in the same part of town and see each other nearly everyday getting up to hilarious antics such as wrecking havoc in a store and attending a dance recital. While trying to rekindle their youth, the men cross paths with a fraternity who are out to ruin their lives. While having a dress up party, the fraternity makes an appearance which ends in a fight between 200+ people.

    I really enjoy these movies when i’m in the mood for a good laugh and find that the jokes never get old.


    Easy A

    This film is definitely one of my top three, as it is such a feel good movie and I love movies that contain alot of romance and comedy. Easy A follows the story of Olive, a student in highschool who makes up a guy to try to get out of going camping with her best friend. This then lands her in a whole lot of trouble as rumours of Olive losing her virginity begin to spread like wildfire. This in turn, leads to multiple guys asking Olive to pretend to sleep with them to raise their social standing and causes further rumours that she is distributing sex for money. Olive is stuck in a web of lies and has to try as hard as she can to fix the havoc she has created.

    I love this movie as although it is full of lies and rumours, it teaches you that so many bad things can happen from one tiny little lie and that it is just better to tell the truth, no matter what people may think of you. This film is full of witty humour and it never fails to make me smile.


    The Lucky One

    The Lucky One is an amazing film that follows the story of Logan Thibault, a U.S. Marine who is saved from multiple deaths after finding a photograph of a woman in the midst of a battle field. He believes the woman in the photograph is a guardian angel watching over him. When he returns home, he makes it his mission to find the woman and thank her for saving his life. Becoming lost for words when he comes face to face with Beth, he takes up a job at the kennel she runs to get close to her. After a few months Logan and Beth begin dating, much to the disgust of her ex husband who decides to ransack Logans house, where he finds the photograph and goes straight to Beth. It’s tough sailing for Logan and Beth after this incident but as this is a Nicholas Sparks film, of course everything works out in the end.

    I love this movie as it is filled with action and romance. It shows that despite controlling ex husbands, death and misunderstanding, true love really does conquer all. Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling bring amazing chemistry to the screen in this film and you can’t help but love them together. I haven’t watched this movie in a really long time and after writing this, I definitely need to watch it again as I remembered how much I loved it.


    The Fault In Our Stars

    I absolutely loved The Fault In Our Stars after reading the book and when I heard that a movie was in the works, I knew right away that I needed to watch it and that I would love it. I didn’t actually get the chance to watch the film in the theatre, and ended up watching it online a few months later. It was an incredibly moving movie and I really loved the chemistry between Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort. This movie follows the story of Hazel Grace Lancaster, a 16 year old with thyroid cancer that has travelled to her lungs, causing them to fill with water and make it difficult for her to breathe. While attending support group one day, she meets Augustus Waters, an 18 year old who lost his leg to cancer a few years ago. The film follows their short love story, full of horrible authors, an amazing trip to Amsterdam and sunny picnics in the park. Although there are quite a few sad scenes in this movie, I absolutely love it, as true love doesn’t always run smoothly and the romance between Hazel and Gus is incrdible to watch.


    Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and The Beast is definitely one of my favourite Disney movies. I’ve always loved Belle, as she’s so kind and has a strong love of books. This film follows the story of Belle, who is an outcast as she loves to read and her father, Maurice, is an inventor who people think is insane. While on the way to a science fair, Maurice becomes lost and ends up inside the castle of the the Beast. The only way for Maurice to be free is for Belle to takeHaha that’s true his place as prisoner. Eventually a romance begins to spark between Belle and the Beast, she teaches him how to read and he learns how to use a spoon for his soup so that they are able to eat together. Suddenly everything is threatened when Gaston has Maurice taken away to the mental asylum because Belle refuses to love him. Belle returns to save her father and the village goes on to attack the Beast, who gets very hurt. Belle’s love heals him and transforms him back into his original human form.

    I absolutely love this movie because it is full of such happy characters and although quite a few bad things happen, everything works out in the end and the film has such an amazing soundtrack.


    Have you seen any of these movies? Are any of them your favourites? 🙂

    Top 5 Fragrances

    One thing I like to do when I go shopping is to head into the fragrance section and test out a few that I really like the look of. I tend to be drawn to the brightly coloured bottles and deliciously Summery scents, which is why I have so many in my collection, but occasionally I will find one more on the spicy, Wintery side that I feel needs to be a new addition. In the list below you will find more Summery scents instead of Wintery ones, but I have gathered a list of my top 5 fragrances to share with you today. Lets get started!

    Givenchy – Live Irresistable

    One of my absolute favourite fragrances in my collection is Live Irresistable by Givenchy. I usually only wear it in Summer as it is quite a tropical scent, but there have been times on warmer Winter days that this has felt appropriate for wearing. Its’ scent is an incredible mix of fruits, flowers and spices. It contains the delicious scents of pineapple, rose, amber and vanilla, along with a few other ingredients to really bring the Summer months alive. I really love the packaging of this fragrance, the triangle shaped bottle with textured glass gives it a sense of class and the pink colouring of the fragrance itself is amazing. Another thing I really like about this scent is that is faced by Amanda Seyfried, who is one of  my favourite actresses.


    Elizabeth Arden – Green Tea and Nectarine Blossom

    My number one fragrance at the moment would definitely have to be Green Tea and Nectarine Blossom by Elizabeth Arden. Although this one is also a Summer scent, there has been one or two times where I have been drawn to wear it during the Winter months. This is an extremely sweet fragrance and I find that it really captures the feeling of the warm air and delicious fruit in Summer. Its’ scent is a delicious Summer fruit smell with subtle notes of green tea. It contains the incredible scents of peach, nectarine, green tea and other exotic fruits with quite a musky base. The bottle of this fragrance really speaks for itself, it is a really beautiful peachy orange colour and it covered in gorgeous pictures of blossoms and leaves. It has a very Summery vibe to it.


    Dolce & Gabbana – Floral Drops

    My first designer fragrance that I added to my collection was Floral Drops by Dolce and Gabbana. I was immeditely drawn to this one because of its amazing floral scent and thought it would be perfect for wearing over the warm Summer months. I found that this fragrance wasn’t particularly sweet but had quite a fresh scent, almost like stepping foot into a field of bright flowers and fresh air. It contains the gorgeous scents of daffodils, water lilies and an array of other white flowers on a base of musk and sandalwood. It is perfect if you want a scent for Summer but aren’t a huge fan of extremely sweet scents. Another thing that drew my attention to this fragrance was the bottle, I really like the flower shaped lid and the addition of a black bow added a sense of formality to the bottle. I also really liked the mint green colour of the fragrance itself.


    One Direction – Our Moment

    One of the very first fragrances I received was Our Moment by One Direction. I really enjoy the sweetness of this scent, and feel that it is perfect for Spring/Summer time. It is a quite a fruity and floral scent that perfectly captures the feeling of the warmer months. It contains the delicious scents of pink grapefruit, forest berry and jasmine along with a few other fruity and floral scents on a musky base. The bottle of this fragrance is quite pretty in a diamond shape with a gem and tulle crown for the lid. I really like the shade of pink that has been used to colour the fragrance itself.


    Burberry London

    This is quite a recent addition to my collection. I came across it online while I searching for the male version as a Christmas present and knew that I had to get the female version for myself. Although this is definitely a spicy scent for the Winter months it is also quite a Christmassy scent and as Christmas is during the Summertime in New Zealand, I find myself torn as to when to wear it. Its’ scent is quite warm and cinnamon filled, so it is perfect for the colder months. It contains the delicious scents of rose, honeysuckle and jasmine on a musky, sandalwood base. I also really love the packaging of this fragrance as I find the plaid fabric is quite Christmassy and Wintery and I find the plain, rectangle bottle is quite classy and sophisticated.


    What are your favourite fragrances? Do you prefer sweet or spicy scents? 🙂


    Top 10 DVDs – Part One

    A few weeks ago, I shared a list of my favourite books with you, so this week I thought I would share a list of my favourite movies. As you will see, a few of the movies included in this list, were also mentioned in my top 10 books post but I thought I would still talk about them here, because I feel that they were almost perfect portayals of the books and this is something that I love the most about them. This list is in no particular order, as I found it quite difficult to pick a number one favourite. I have divided this list in to two seperate blog posts as it ended up being extremely long, so watch this space for part two 🙂 Let’s get started!

    Divergent Series

    In my collection, I currently only own the first 2 movies from this series; Divergent and Insurgent. However, I did go and watch the third movie; Allegiant, a few months ago when it was in the theatre. I absolutely love this movie series, the action-packed scenes and the growing romance between Tris and Four are definitely the highlights for me. The first movie would have to be my favourite of the three, as I really enjoyed the unfolding story of Tris transitioning from the quiet, selfless life of Abnegation to the loud, courageous life of Dauntless. I found the storyline was very engaging and liked that it followed the order of the book perfectly.

    I also thoroughly enjoyed the second movie as it also followed the order of the book and really displayed the development of Tris as a character and her growing bond with Four. However, as it was sequel and followed a similar to story to the first movie, I did find that in some sections, I started to get a bit bored. When I heard that they were releasing a third movie, I was beyond excited to see where the story would lead. As I had loved the first two movies in this series, I walked into the theatre expecting amazing things from the third installment and sadly, was met with nothing but confusion and disappointment.

    I hadn’t quite had time to read the third book before the film was released but I thought that it would be okay, and I would understand it anyway, as the first two flowed perfectly with the corresponding books. But unfortunately, not a single thing made sense to me and I watched the whole thing with a look of confusion. I am about halfway through the Allegiant book at the moment but I’ve found that the movie didn’t really follow the book at all. I feel that because of all the changes that were made, the storyline got tangled and lost. I have heard that they are releasing a fourth installment to recover from the flop of Allegiant, so I am hoping that this one will be easier to follow.


    Hunger Games Series

    As with my Divergent series collection, I currently do not own the last DVD for The Hunger Games but I did go to see it while it was in the theatre, so I am able to give my opinion on this one also. The first Hunger Games movie was released in 2012, however, I did not jump on the bandwagon and had refused to watch it up until 2015. I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t want to watch it, I just had it in my head that I was going to hate it and didn’t see the point in watching something I knew I wouldn’t like…and boy, was I wrong.

    I bought the first 2 movies; The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, when I saw them on sale one day, and decided ‘why not?’ I sat down that night, and watched the first one with a little hesitation, but about 15 minutes into it, I was completely hooked. I ended up watching the second one that same night, and bought the third one; MockingJay Part One, the following week as I found they were such an amazing series. I loved the action-packed scenes as Katniss fights to live and the relationships between Katniss and Prim, Gale and Peeta. Although, I found a few scenes a little hard to watch due to the blood, strange creatures and dead bodies, I thoroughly enjoyed all three of these movies.

    I was so excited to see the final installment of this series, and was expecting big things from MockingJay Part Two. As I was watching it, I found that I was really enjoying the storyline of the final movie, it was more action-packed than any of the first 3 but it was also more grusome. This film was also so much more emotional than its predecessors due to deaths of so many of my favourite characters, tears were definitely shed while watching this movie. I am so happy that this series ended with another great movie and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys movies that are action-packed.


    Letters To Juliet

    This film is definitely one of my top three, as it is such a feel good movie and I love movies that contain alot of romance. Letters to Juliet is mostly set in the beautiful countryside of Italy, it is always sunny and warm and always makes me want to visit Italy. This movie follows the story of Sophie, a writer from New York who is on her pre-honeymoon with her fiancee Victor. She finds a letter in the wall of Juliets House that was written 50 years earlier and replies to it, sparking the beginning of a quest to find a man called Lorenzo for Clair, the woman who wrote the letter.

    I love this movie as it takes you all over the beautiful towns of Italy in a quest to find true love and I really enjoyed the romance forming between Sophie and Charlie. Another thing I really liked about this film, is that fact that it stars Vanessa Redgrave as Clair, and as someone who grew up watching The Wind In The Willows, it’s so lovely to put a face to the voice and she really is perfect for the role. Amanda Seyfried has always been one of my favourite actresses and I feel like she is perfect for the bright and bubbly, lovestruck Sophie.


    Safe Haven

    Another one of my absolute favourite movies is Safe Haven, I think I probably watch this movie almost once a month because I love it so much. I bought this DVD sometime last year immediately after I had read the book, as I loved it so much and was delighted to see that it had Julianne Hough as a lead role as she is definitely one of my favourite actresses. Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel are perfect in their roles for Katie and Alex and they really make the chemistry seem real.

    This movie follows the story of Katie as she escapes an abusive relationship and begins to make a new life for herself in the small beachside town of South Port in North Carolina. She meets Alex on her first day in South Port, when the bus she is travelling on makes a brief petrol stop, but Katie hops off as she feels that this is the perfect place for her to settle down. She begins working at Ivan’s Fish Shack and finds a cottage to rent in an isolated area of the town, where she meets a surprising neighbour called Jo. Although there are quite a few ups and downs in the budding romance between Katie and Alex, I really enjoy the scenes that they share, especially when they are having fun with Alex’s kids, Josh and Lexi.

    I found that this movie really followed the storyline of the book and only made a few subtle changes that although were a bit strange to start with, really improved the story and helped to slightly set it apart from the book.


    Paper Towns

    This movie is relatively new to my collection, but I knew that I would definitely be buying it after I found out that a movie was in the works. I think that Paper Towns is possibly my favourite book by John Green, so it was a no-brainer that I was going to love the movie, as I had already read and seen The Fault In Our Stars so I knew to expect incredible things. Cara Delevingne is perfect for the role of Margo and although she had to put on an American accent for the film, you would never know that it was not her natural accent.

    The chemistry between Margo and Quentin (Nat Wolff) is incredible, which I think is due to the fact that they have known each other since they were kids, and although they grew apart as they got older, the one night that they reunite is like they never stopped being friends. This movie follows the story of a night of chaos between Margo and Q, that includes fish, blue spray paint and the top of the Sun Trust Building. This is the best night of Q’s life and he believes that maybe things are starting to looking up for him until the following day when Margo disappears, which sparks a lengthy quest for clues and hints as to where Margo is.

    As the film develops and Q begins to dicepher the clues Margo left for him, he plans a roadtrip with his best friends Ben and Radar along with Lacey and Angela which turns out to be the perfect way to end their senior year. I was not disappointed in the slightest with how this movie turned out and I almost wish that there was a sequel, just so I can enjoy watching the chemistry between all the characters again, unfolding to create the best year of their lives.


    Have you seen any of these movies? Are any of them your favourites? 🙂

    Favourite YouTubers

    I have quite a few things that I enjoy doing in my free time and one of my favourite pastimes is watching YouTubers. I draw alot of my inspiration from them whether this is through new recipes or new clothing styles. I have listed a few of my favourites below and would love to know if any of them are your favourites too!


    Zoella aka. Zoe Sugg creates videos based around fashion, beauty and baking but she also has a vlogging channel that she uploads to every now and again, where you can see a sillier side of her and her friends (see below) and all the exciting things they get up to. She is such a positive person and her videos are always filled with laughs. Zoe is definitely my favourite YouTuber and her videos never fail to make me smile.

    Zoe Sugg

    Niomi Smart

    Niomi Smart creates videos based around fashion, beauty and wellbeing. I love her cooking videos because all the recipes are so well explained and although she eats a plant based diet, you can easily substitute the plant based ingredients to your liking. Niomi is such a positive person and you always walk away from her videos feeling better about yourself. I always feel inspired to start being more healthy after watching her videos.

    Niomi Smart
    Niomi Smart

    Mark Ferris

    Mark Ferris creates a range of videos that include baking and reviews, but although at times they can be quite serious, his personality ensures there is usually something to laugh at in every video. With a sense of humour like his, you will never watch one of his videos without laughing. His videos are about to get alot more exciting with the introduction of his new puppy Teddi. Mark is such a positive YouTuber (can you see a theme here?) and I love watching his videos when I feel a bit down.

    Mark Ferris
    Mark Ferris

    Pointless Blog

    Pointless Blog aka. Alfie Deyes creates videos based around exciting challenges, all of which are guaranteed to make you laugh. A few of his videos include giant jenga and the yoga challenge. What makes these videos even better is that they’re are almost always collaborations with other YouTubers such as Marcus (see below) and his girlfriend, Zoe (see above). In case one video a week isn’t enough for you, Alfie also has a vlogging channel that he uploads to every single day where you can see all the exciting things that are happening in his life.

    Alfie Deyes
    Alfie Deyes

    Marcus Butler

    Marcus Butler creates videos based around exciting challenges, similar to Alfie (see above). Although the videos he uploads once a week on his main channel are fantastic, I personally prefer the short videos that he uploads every single day on his second channel which include doing things such as trying food from around the world and random Buzzfeed quizzes. The videos on his second channel tend to be alot more casual and silly, so you get alot more laughs from these ones, in my opinion.

    Marcus Butler
    Marcus Butler


    SacconeJolys aka. Anna, Jonathan, Emilia and Eduardo SacconeJoly create daily vlogs (video blogs) about each day of their lives, including all the ups and the downs, usually from the view of Jonathan. Although it is a bit sad to watch the down parts of their lives, I think this is a fantastic idea for their children to watch back on when they are older and remember all the exciting things they did with their parents, such as trips to Disneyland.

    Jonathan, Emilia, Anna & Eduardo SacconeJoly

    Who are your favourite YouTubers? What do you like about them? I’d love to know! 🙂 Check out my links page to see where you can find me.